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Achievement badges are always a great way to enhance and reward social media engagement. Here is the list of new Klout achievement badges.

Google Plus has gone public just as the world was wondering if it was dying on the vine.

I am always impressed when I see someone kicks off a great social media or search marketing presentation with a witty quote that sums up the current trends in the SM world. I also like creating lists to help me to remember all of these bits of wit, wisdom and double entendre.

How to update your Facebook default news feed – Sept 2011

Here are some simple steps you can take to protect your telephone and contact information in Facebook.

Facebook can give a prospective employer reasons when NOT to hire you, while LinkedIn puts your best, most professional face out there.

Facebook “How-to” for Business presentation detailing how to setup a business fan page on Facebook. Originally presented at the UWF SBDC, Jan 6, 2010

Super simple SEO and social media marketing strategies for a small, family-owned sushi restaurant with a great reputation but a difficult location.

List of my current favorite web-based Twitter and Facebook management tools for business.