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Leadership must embrace the theory of accelerating change as it relates to an organization’s internet presence. The significance? Evolve or perish.

Many times when working with a new client who wants an app developed for their organization, they approach it with the simple expectation.. we need an app for that… make it so developer. Here’s how you can find common ground to facilitate better communication and client expectations management.

The line spacing setting in the new Gmail is called Display Density and is very easy to adjust.

I never was one for all things Apple. Particularly the controlling nature of the systems. However, one cannot deny that the ways in which Apple products were developed, manufactured and marketed represented the best of the best.

Take a Mentor to Lunch

How do you effectively connect with a successful person in a manner that can add real value to your business? Take them to lunch!

Facebook “How-to” for Business presentation detailing how to setup a business fan page on Facebook. Originally presented at the UWF SBDC, Jan 6, 2010

Super simple SEO and social media marketing strategies for a small, family-owned sushi restaurant with a great reputation but a difficult location.

List of my current favorite web-based Twitter and Facebook management tools for business.