Corporate and governmental leadership must be diligent in the development of transnational legal and ethical precedents regarding the governance of constructed sentient entities.

I can’t count the number of times a client has come to me wanting an app, specifically a mobile app. They really want an app, but do they really need an app? Here’s how you can tell… シ

Haiku Ka Choo (updated)

An agglomeration of my attempts at haiku and other word play. Poetic license revoked. Top down, Beatles croon / Scenic road to Dairy Queen / Cool spring memories. (Pink Moon reminiscent) Haiku to you too… シ

After my shipment arrived from Boosted Boards, I was a good boy and plugged it in right away to make sure I had a full charge… then I thumbed through the Quick Start Guide. It was a good idea on Boosted’s part to include a big print pictorial QS Guide, as no self-respecting skater will […]

Leadership must embrace the theory of accelerating change as it relates to an organization’s internet presence. The significance? Evolve or perish.