Haiku Ka Choo (updated)

An agglomeration of my attempts at haiku and other word play. Poetic license revoked. Top down, Beatles croon / Scenic road to Dairy Queen / Cool spring memories. (Pink Moon reminiscent) Haiku to you too… シ

After my shipment arrived from Boosted Boards, I was a good boy and plugged it in right away to make sure I had a full charge… then I thumbed through the Quick Start Guide. It was a good idea on Boosted’s part to include a big print pictorial QS Guide, as no self-respecting skater will […]

Leadership must embrace the theory of accelerating change as it relates to an organization’s internet presence. The significance? Evolve or perish.

Ever wonder how you’re going to afford, much much less procure, all the items you’ll need to survive the zombie apocalypse? Fear not – H&R Block helps provide the answers with this aptly designed infographic.

Major ad agencies have once again concocted a group of humor-based TV ads for 2013 Super Bowl XLVII viewers. Here are my 2013 Super Bowl ad picks: